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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
You do realize that many of the different Asian nationalities and/or ethnicities nearly hate each other, dont you...

To call any Asian, Chinese is quite ignorant and can be highly insulting!
Mate, I'm Korean.

My grandmother got married because had she not, she would've been forced to prostitute herself to the Japanese occupation forces, so I probably know the animosity between Asians better than most people on this board.

I've had people ask if I were Chinese or Japanese plenty of times before; never get offended. Fail to see why I should either, over an honest mistake.

Or maybe I'm just too rational; monfed said I'm too objective to be a Nadal fan.
"This guy is Energy Star compliant. He hates the same amount but only spends 30% as much energy doing it." - TheNightHunter on mariecon hating Rafa

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