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Humanity is based on hatred.

We know this from the fact that all religions preach love ..

for members of their own religion (but never succeed)

Or like Christianity preach universal love (that never prevented killing)

If that's what religion teaches its because they acknowledge that humanity is based on hatred and it rather blithely thinks it can change that.

We cling to families, including big families like nations, and exclude others.

The first hatred is of course between man and woman.

Does not the bible almost begin with Adam and Eve.

But I don't think people deride civil discourse, but political correctness does tend to be like a religion - hectoring us to be better while denying the dirty little truth that we all hate.

Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Of course, I'm not surprised to see the conservative, mainly white male, mantra deriding political correctness or the need for civil discourse as a whole and the consequences for not adhering to such...

Point is: 'P.C.' may be an irritant to you (it even is to me sometimes particularly if its not accurate i.e. 'African Americans'), but ask any minority and they would gladly trade hundreds of years of entrenched-enforced- inferiority with the last few decades of entrenched-enforced- political correctness!
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