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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Of course, I'm not surprised to see the conservative, mainly white male, mantra deriding political correctness or the need for civil discourse as a whole and the consequences for not adhering to such...

Point is: 'P.C.' may be an irritant to you (it even is to me sometimes particularly if its not accurate i.e. 'African Americans'), but ask any minority and they would gladly trade hundreds of years of entrenched-enforced- inferiority with the last few decades of entrenched-enforced- political correctness!
I happen to be a liberal, "yellow" male, so clearly you should take heed some of your own advice not make supposedly-offensive generalisations like assuming that all of us are conservative, white and male.

Sorry, but political-correctness is for most intents and purposes, a bad thing. Politeness however, is a good thing, and I think you have the two confused for the same thing, which they are not. Political-correctness is politeness taken too far.

Being polite involves obeying common courtesies and respect. Poltical-correctness is "tyranny with manners" (Charlton Heston) because it involves not being able to say anything that runs the risk of offending other people, which is a lot of things. That's why we're now stuck with having to say redundant things like "in my opinion, I believe" and "I personally believe", just so that nobody has to go crying to mommy (or should I say "parents"?) about some words that some random person (therefore male and/or female and including the possibility of those who may have difficulty providing a straightforward answer, including, but not limited to transsexuals who have not completed the sex change process) said online.

Seriously, isn't "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" something we tell our children, for Christ's sake? I mean, God's sake? I mean, Pete's sake? I mean, someone important's sake?
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