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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
As you can see Hitman couldn't even hit one ball and ripped off the V grip. That's should be proof.
I could hit the ball OK on groundies, but I couldn't serve with it. The problem was not with the grip position, as I have always hit my serves with a Continental/backhand grip, for enhanced spin. In fact, my service grip is more "radical" than almost anyone I have ever played with or against.

Instead, the problem was the the Power V insert is too long as is (by design), needs to be shortened so that the index finger fits over the beveled end (for the Continental grip). Ed's instructions clearly state this, but I was eager to try it out, and just slapped it on the racket without cutting it to size. I am planning to try it again tonight.

I am hoping that the grip will also help me correct a bad habit I have developed, of gripping the racket too far down the handle, so that the butt cap ends in the middle of my palm. I even did this with the Vortex 133, despite its increased length. As I result, I always have a rough callus in my hand, which gets irritated and sore.
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