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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
My first and biggest still,
was to watch or focus on the ball all the way into contact area.

Back in the days before I had any coaching, I would start to really improve to
a point, then start to get worse and worse. I would eventually get fed up and
quit for a few years before picking up the sport again. It was a pattern I began
to notice, so when I started playing again in 92, I decided I would stick it out to
find out what was going wrong each time. Sure enough, after 4-6 months of steady
improvement, I began my usual slide in performance. This time I was able to
realize that it was due to over confidence leading me look up too soon into the
area where I was hitting to. Once I learned to stay focused on making clean
contact, my game continued to improve for a long while pretty steadily.
^^^^My #1 AHA epiphany not only for all time, but for all sports. Once I learned the importance of ball focus in tennis, I started applying it to all other games/sports. My golf game, for example, got much better.

My latest AHA was using the open stance for TS FH rally shots.
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