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VK -- you are right though that the racquet was a lot of fun to play with. the almost comical levels of spin made me try angles that should be impossible. i could almost imagine how federer and especially nadal must feel. when you can hit that much spin and with power too -- the entire court opens up.

wish there was a device or a camera that can record RPM's for us regular joes. i gotta believe these vortex racquets rank right up there.

and yes control is good insomuch as you keep your strokes short. long loopy strokes doesn't mesh well with this 133 anyway. wonder how the smaller headsize vortex sticks do?
I really LOVE their smaller frames.

The ES 100 & 108 and the player thinner version I think the Pro 100 were one of the best sticks that I have ever played with in my life.

Volleys and return of serves were incredible with all of them. The only reason I dont use them is that I just dont care for a thicker framed racquet. There is something about a very thin beam that I just love.

The Pro 100 was relatively thin beamed and a great stick....but i just like the Donnays better for my game. Im a serve and volleyer and the slice is my most important approach shot. Theres something about a very thin frame that allows me to slice more agrresively.

Other than that one stroke I would be playing with a Vortex .

To be honest though the greatest stick I have ever played with was the Blackburne 95. I absolutely love that stick. My absolute holy grail.....the problem is that I just dont want to deal with having them strung. what a nightmare!!!

I play with Poly and Poly becomes lifeless rather quickly. The thought of having to restring the blackburne every other week gives me nightmares.

But if you really want to try something wild then try that stick. But you wont be able to get the 95 because I bought the very last one. you can still get the 107 ...and you may love it. heres a picture of it in case you missed it:

The blackburne ( 97 & 107)

Roscoe tanner using the blackburne at Wimbledon

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