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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
what happened with the 108?? dying to hear!
I have only hit with it for a few minutes, but it clearly feels much different than the 133. First, it is so SOFT, so much so that it takes away the feel of the strings. Second, the launch angle is much lower, so you have to swing harder and aim higher. Although spin is present, it is much more subtle than the 133. You have to use swing technique to generate the spin.

Saturday night I let one of my friends hit with it. He was probably the strongest male player at a party of 80 people (50+ men), hits much harder than I, and has a vicious serve. He loved the racket for everything except volleys, felt that the racket was too dead to generate any pace.

I will take the 108 with me to my mens doubles match tonight, will warm up with it, try some serves. My original thought was to serve with the 108, use the 133 the rest of the time. However, the feel of the two rackets is so different, not sure that is such a good idea.
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