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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
we can agree to disagree but this frame is solid and stable and the power level is low/medium which is where i prefer it to be. it is a lighter weight players frame. the balance is pretty head light in stock form given the weight and therefore if you are returning a hard serve or passing shot and strike the ball near the top of the frame and off center you could get some twisting but no wobble in this frame. a little lead tape in the upper hoop solves this.

welcome to the club westpac690!
Well I can certainly agree with this!
I can see how someone who has used nothing but thicker framed or Pure Drive type racquets would say it's not as stable or powerful. But to each his own. My one handed backhand and slice hasn't looked this good or has been as big a weapon as it is since I switched, in forever.
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