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Originally Posted by Buddy View Post
Any thoughts on how you can visualize a window. I think I can imagine if it is directly above the net, but I have problems thinking about one suspended in the air above the net -- does it run the length of the net, half court, quadrants, etc?
Maybe due to using windows formed with pipes or hanging squares in spots, I really
tend to visualize them easily.

I use 5 main windows that are about 3x3ft square and hanging about 2ft above the net.
One is right over the center strap for cross ct shot, and then one on each side of that
one. These 2 are for when I rec a ball near center, but target out to targets on the wings.
The last 2 windows are near the lines for hitting down the lines shots.

You can practice by making a 3x3 target on sticks and moving it around. We made one with netting that would catch the balls.
We used to have an indoor half court where the net was near the wall with square ads that made excellent targets. Ball would hit the hanging tarp and feed back into the ball machine.
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