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Well I hope we are on the same page, or same side; that people should do what makes them the most pain free and healthy, and play the best sports they can. And I totally respect that there can be injuries and chronic conditions that require special means. I just feel that the "I have bad feet", "I have weak feet" is vastly overstated (in lack of a better word).
There is nothing fatal about flat feet or pronation per definition. And look at all the threads here about people with problems in spite of modern technology.
Basically I would say, if you can enjoy walking in bare feet or socks, you probably dont need the technology. Lots of people feel ok in bare feet ("love it in the summer", etc), but have problems in shoes, that they (mistakingly, imo) try to cure through more shoe tech.
When the orthopedic surgeon prescribed me the inserts, I asked him if there was anything I could do to train my feet. No, he said, you just have to wear these always. Turned out he was wrong.
So, inspired by the fact that I was not very healthy or comfortable with the inserts, and that I enjoyed being barefoot, I dropped the inserts and insoles in general, and focused on having good stable shoes. But still I would have problems with certain shoes, and all shoes as they got worn. Which has lead me to the point were I am now, where I only use minimal shoes (mostly Vivo Barefoot), and do some of my sports without shoes (and enjoy the barefoot experience at the beach etc, as most of us?). And I have no problems to speak of concerning feet, knees, hips or back.
And this is why I perhaps a bit stubbornly keep repeating that "high tech" shoes and technology actually can be something that keep your feet from being and becomming strong and healthy and pain free.
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