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Originally Posted by westpac690 View Post
Well I can certainly agree with this!
I can see how someone who has used nothing but thicker framed or Pure Drive type racquets would say it's not as stable or powerful. But to each his own. My one handed backhand and slice hasn't looked this good or has been as big a weapon as it is since I switched, in forever.
awesome! my backhand also improved with my switch to the bio 300t and all around my game is better. and serves are huge with this frame!! as noted in the other thread they are now coming out with the bio max 200 and people are very excited. i know that i will have to try that frame out but will stick with the this stick because it compliments my game style so perfectly.

i also agree with you that apples to oranges comparisons are not legitimate whether it's a pure drive or a vantage tweener.

silver and red is where it's at for those that have the game to bring it
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