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I hit with the 108 for a while last night, but didn't play with it. I am going to order a couple more sets of the PowerMaxx strings, have the racket restrung.

Meanwhile, I didn't play that well last night with the 133, even though we won the first set, were tied at 4-4 in the second. I served really well, probably the best in many years. I quit trying to spin the ball, just freed up my arm and let loose with some real bombs. I am able to generate some serious juice with the 133 (for me at least).

However, I felt sluggish and late on my ground strokes all night. Both of my opponents are hard hittlers, one is a senior, the other a 40 y.o. USTA 4.5 with vicious topspin. His groundies just handcuffed me all night. My strokes fell apart, and I had way too many unforced errors. I was late on a lot of volleys too.

I've decided to send the 133 back, as much as I enjoy playing with it. Main reason is that it is killing my shoulder. All that power, spin, and leverage from the longer length carries a steep price. The racket FEELS comfortable, but it is definitely making my shoulder worse. I had trouble sleeping last night, and am thinking I probably need to take some time off to heal up.

So, I will get the 108 restrung, focus on learning how to hit with it, work on my swing technique. Maybe after my shoulder heals I can give the 133 another try. It is a WEAPON.
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