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2:30 at Clemson. We are trying to get as many fans as possible to this match.

South Carolina is much improved from last year(we beat them 5-2 last year) and this will be a very close match. Currently South Carolina is ranked 33 but they will go down when the new rankings are released today because they lost to Tennessee and Vandy over the weekend.

doubles: I have to give the edge to the Gamecocks here. We have been playing better lately, especially the #3 team of Moran and Dom Maden but doubles has been the Gamecocks strength so far this year.

singles: (clemson players listed first)

1: Yannick Maden vs Nick Jones - Nick Jones played #4 for Sc last year. He is somewhat of a sacrificial lamb at #1. I expect Maden to win this fairly easily.

2: Gerardo Meza vs Andrew Adams - Adams is a freshman from NY. he has played very well in his first season, some great results early. Meza is a much improved player from a year ago. This will be a tough 3 setter. From what I have heard it sounds like Adams plays a similiar style to Omar Aly of Miami who gave Meza a good amount of trouble. Tough one to call.

3: Ayrton Wibowo vs Ivan Machado - Old school tennis wil be played here. Both players are more comfortable at net and love to serve and volley. Machado is the only player on the Gamecock roster who has one the team the last time the Gamecocks came to Clemson in 2010. This will be two tight sets to Wibowo.

4: Dom Maden vs Chip Cox - Maden is in form while Cox is out of form. However Cox plays a style that can bother Maden. What will win, matchup or momentum?

5: Hunter Harrington vs Thiago Pinheiro - Another tough one to call. Pinheiro has had some great results at 5 recently including the beating of 47th ranked Hernus Pieters of Georgia. He is a lefty and hits with lots of topspin. This could go right into the wheelhouse of the 6'4 Harrington. Despite Pinheiro wins I like this matchup for Harrington.

6: Zac Rigsby vs Kyle Koch - Battle of south carolinians here. Koch is a freshman and has been better than expected. This is a match you would expect Rigsby to win though.

overall it will be close. The crowd could end up making the difference. Abolsute must win for out tournament chances.
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