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Originally Posted by Agent Orynge View Post
Additional specs printed on frame:

Unstrung Balance: 320mm
Unstrung Weight: 313g
Length: 27"
Grip: Dunlop Tour Classic
Tension: 55-65 lbs.
Construction: HM6 Carbon

My own measurements:

Weight: 327g, strung - no OG / dampener
Balance: 4-5 points headlight
Beam Width: 21mm
Nice looking frame, congrats on the purchase. My Vantages are about 315 grams and 32 cm balance unstrung I already have similar specs :P.
Playing weight is somewhere around 335 grams.
Those Dunlops are more colorful though ... :P.
Vantage 95, 63 flex : 337 g, 32.8 cm, 341 SW, testing various 1.35mm+ gut mains / Gosen Polylon Polyquest 1.24 mm crosses @ 25 / 23.5 kg.
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