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Default WeissCannon Black 5 Edge 17/ Wilson Super Spin 16 Black

Since I don't want to run through my stock of B7 and I had half a set of B5E lying around from previous stringing escapades, I decided to give it another shot; this time with a 16g cross.

String: WeissCannon Black 5 Edge/ Wilson Super Spin 16 Black
Frame(s): YT Radical Pro
Tension: 50/52

Nothing unusual. Both very easy strings to work with. The Wilson Super Spin is a touch plasticky and is shaped but that only comes into play when stringing at higher tensions.

Weisscannon makes very stable and solid polys. Simply put, you get what you put in but there's nothing really special about them other than they stay consistent. I noticed that I have a much more linear stroke with this string. With the full beds of BHBR and BHB7, I found that I can pick a more parabolic trajectory or even dip the ball in at the baseline. This combination is better for consistency than anything else since it doesn't do anything particularly fantastic. Power is a minimum but that was expected. Spin is about average and feel is decent. Not too much pocketing, not too crisp. I'd say somewhere in between.

I found I could hit the spots I wanted but there was nothing extra past accuracy. No big weapon here.

Does what it should. Personally, I like a little more dwell time and pop on a string bed. The lack of power is nice for hitting drop shots though-- it's very easy to deaden the ball.

Tension maintenance:
Feels about the same from the first 10 balls I hit with it a few days ago to today so definitely a plus here.

Regardless of the 16g or not, this is looking to be a sub 3 hour string. I wasn't able to get much of a rhythm today but hit with a strong partner and the mains are half notched through. I think it's the softness of the B5E that's just nuking the life of this string.

Final thoughts: Definitely a control setup but nothing more. I'm glad that the B5E testings weren't a total flop but a touch disappointed over all. For those that seek a consistent string that will hold tension-- B5E is a great candidate. Unfortunately, you're not going to get any free power or spin out of this setup. What I found I enjoyed most was teaching with this combination. Hitting a flat and even ball for students to practice with is a breeze and very comfortable.

Groundstrokes: 3/5
Serves: 3/5
Volleys: 3.5/5
Spin: 3/5
Power: 3/5
Comfort: 4/5
Tension: 4/5
Durability: 2/5 Slightly better than the OGSM 18 but not by much. Notching is very evident and the frame has been relegated to a teaching/ practice stick. If I actually hit out with this frame, it'll pop in ~3 hours.


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