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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
i like most of the biomimetic frame's paint jobs and i also think that dunlop did a great job marrying the new paint job with the old max.

it also makes sense to me that it will be lower powered than the 300 series but heavier. they are leveraging the passion for the old max and mcenroe's name's for marketing a new frame and the 200 series no doubt but also, the bio 200 frames are lower powered than the 300. that is why i will likely stick with my chrome and red which looks outstanding, but more so i like the power level and control i get with the bio 300t.
I think you touch on several good points. It probably will be slightly lower-powered than the regular 300, but the extra weight is the attraction, and it may translate into more pop than we think. Also, some would call the 200's a little anemic, but this new "Max200" will definitely offer a little more juice than your typical 200, I would think, considering the open string pattern, extra beam width, and HM, Mfil, Bio. mold. All of these factors do beg the question: Is it a 200 or 300? I still say it's a great option in the 300 line, which seems to drive Dunlop sales.
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