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Originally Posted by PED View Post
Robben and Co were impressive today. The overall quality of Munich was pretty solid.

Their overall movement is so smooth.

I wish we'd drawn Inter instead of AC milan
For sure, AC Milan and Napoli are far more dangerous than Inter are. I think Juventus will be great in Europe next year aswell, Conte has them pressing all the way up the pitch Barcelona style, it's both tough and tiring to play against.

As for tonights game, i'd be more confident with Villas-Boas in charge. I think the only way we can win is to really go at them hard and all out attack, and that's what the old manager did. Napoli will score, they're too good not to. Our only hope is to score 3, 4, 5, Di Matteo is a bit more conservative and it probably won't be enough.
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