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^^Really curious as to the line up. Does DiMatteo just give in and go with the old guard. It doesn't really payoff for him to take any risks.

Surprised at just how many players Inter still have in their starting squad from 2 years back. They were not that young then. Teams seem to move personnel around more in the PL.

I really enjoyed watching the first half of Bayern. Enjoyed having the English ref as well. Would love to see Barca play against an English side with PL refs. Barca is magical but it's different when they just let them play. Clattenburg ref'ed it like an MMA match the other night.

One last thing: I really don't like watching games with Howard Webb. He screwed up the WC final and he was just horrible on Monday with Newcastle. Tiote might has well been playing American football with the challenges he was making.
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