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Default Need Help! What is the best Tennis Elbow Support/Brace?

I have been suffering Tennis Elbow for 10 months now(thanks to Babolat APDGT & RPM Blast ) I already switch to arm friendly racquets & strings(Prince EXO3 Tour strung w/ Tech X-1 Biphase). Since the switch, the pain has lessen to 50%. I had been using the Band IT strap for a couple of months now and it really helps a lot in reducing the pain. But the one thing I don't like about the Band IT is it slips out of my forearm when I began to sweat. I tried tightening the strap but It only cuts off circulation on my hand. I also tried the Tourna AirCell but it didn't do much on reducing the pain and it's not very durable. I need some other recommendations for Tennis Elbow Support/Brace because there is only a few feedbacks on TW site. Thanks...
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