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well, the cost/performance ratio is yet to be defined in my opinion because there is (in my understanding) still one variable to be asessed - durability.

i understood that, contrary to all the marketing hype, the string does not offer that ultimative performance, but it nevertheless is to be regarded as a pretty good string. now, obviously you find a lot of strings offering the same performance for a quarter of the price. in case at least the durability claim is true, and it keeps up 3-4 time longer until it breaks, than the price/performance ratio is not so obscene anymore, as you have to factor in also your time for restringing.

if i would find a string that keeps it going for three times as much as my current set-up, than i'd rather be willing to shell out the money and play with it. i apply the same logic by which some flat hitters do play with gut - it gives them some 20-30 hitting hours of superb performance and pure joy. under these circumstances, it really is not breaking the bank to have gut restrung some 3-4 times a year since it is well worth it, and any other synthetic or multi would not keep it's playability for such a long time. by the same standard i think that if this "not-according-to-hype-but-still-well-playing" set-up would have ne required durability, obviously paired with playability!, than it is well worth taking into consideration.
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