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Yes, you are comparing luxilon to l-Tec. You have multiple times already.


ummm... read the thread. I was commenting about the luxilon forum experts claims. Not my claims. I compared the play of luxilon to Ltec. I referenced the luxilon forum because I thought PV would find it interesting they claim no change of string properties whatsoever regardless of hours of play.

So to walk you through it.... I do not believe Luxilon does not change. I do not believe Ltec does not change. BUT I find it very interesting that Luxilon claims their science proves their strings do not change other then tension. So its either in our heads that the strings go dead or they are wrong. But as PV pointed out they are not too concerned about their string line. So why lie?

I think a lot of this string stuff is in our heads to be honest.
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