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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
gotcha. that makes sense. i find 27.5 inch sticks about my limit for extended length. i hit upper hoop in regular length sticks. wonder if extended length helps hit more dead center.

couldn't you just choke up on the es 133 and see if that alleviates the problem before taking a saw to it?
I just don't have that level of self control on the court. No matter what length racket I use, I always end up gripping the racket all the way at the end, with the butt end in the middle of my palm. I always have a nasty callus in the middl of my palm, gets irritated and sore, PITA.

One of the 4.5 guys I play with uses a Wilson Outer Limits (135 head, 28-1/2" length). He always chokes down on the racket quite a bit. I just can't do it for more than a few minutes, then I forget and lapse back to my old ways.

Guess I'm just a recidivist. I've been called worse before....
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