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It has to do with the claims of string makers. And I was not defending any string. I was actually agreeing with you. did you even read my posts?

lighten up. its tennis strings. I was agreeing with you. I thought you would be interesting in the claims of another maker of tennis strings. (which btw I do not believe) no one really cares all that much so chill out and read my post as they are not what you think they are. When it's on here it's fair game for comments and replies. If you want the sand box all to yourself this is not the right place.

If you do not want anyone else to reply or comment on YOUR posts here perhaps the better way would be to write notes to yourself.

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
arche3. This thread has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Luxilon, ALU, or any associated terms. I don't care in the slightest what Luxilon does on their forum or with their marketing: it's not relevant to this thread. Therefore, this L-Tec review has no business being compared to any of the above. Now, if you wish to make your own review thread to find the L-Tec combo that plays like ALU but lasts for 20 hours, please, feel free to. You can also discuss that in the main L-Tec threads if you wish. This thread right here, is not that place.

The next time you hear about Luxilon will be in the review after next which has Adrenaline Rough mains per request. Beyond that, you really don't need to defend L-Tec here. You can copy and paste my review elsewhere and bash it up and down and pick it apart with regards to Lux if you choose. However, since I made zero claims about Luxilon in any shape or form, using their strategies as a defense against my review is fallacious at best.

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