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Basically PV, Arches and KB are comparing Apples to Oranges. PV tested Pro/5S (which I haven't played) while Arches and KB played with 0S/4S (which I have played and agree with them that it has excellent playability similar to that of ALU). In my 0S/4S review I said that people who like ALU will most likely find 0S/4S a more comfortable, longer lasting version of ALU.

Also I personally will cut out 0S/4S after 6 hours because that was my observed peak performance period, although you can certainly play with it well past 10 hours with more than adequate performance. Lastly 0S/4S, like ALU and RPM, will NEVER win any price to performance awards. Those 3 premium polys are for PZero performance, not 3 year/36,000 mile guarantee performance.

On a completely derailing note I just had to post my experience from yesterday's BNP Pariba Open (Apology to PV):
"I wasn't planning on going because I hate driving long distance. But this might be Federer's last year at the Elite level and I don't know how much more Nadal's body can hold up. When I got these tix (4th row behind the baseline in the best section as a gift), I had to go. Here are the biggest impressions:

Federer - SO precise like a Swiss watch. So much variety of shots, it's like everyone else is playing with a keyboard and Fed is playing with a grand piano. He is a true maestro. His serve is hit always 6 inches from the line. I never saw a serve go in more than a foot away from the lines. His FH is just a guided missile. His BH slice just dies on the court. You have to pick it up from your ankle. The most amazing is his footwork. Everyone else you can hear their feet thumping but you almost never hear Fed's feet. It's like he's playing on a cloud, floating like a ballerina. I think his shoes must be made of foam. Watching Fed in person is like a religious experience.

Nadal - His movement and strokes are like a young BULL. He intimidates people on the court and bullies them around. His FH looks like it's going out by 10 ft but drops down 90 degrees and kicks up VIOLENTLY. Trying to return his ridiculous topspin FH is like trying to catch a cannonball with dishwashing gloves.

Nalbandian - His BH is the best I've ever seen by far. He is the only one who can beat a pro's FH with his BH. So powerful, accurate and RIDICULOUS angles.

Sharapova - In the whole match I don't think she missed 1 BH. Her BH is a flat, powerful weapon.

Ivanovic - BOOMING FH. She doesn't look like a tennis player. She looks like a supermodel showing off her Adidas clothes on the court runway.

Wozniacki - *YAWN*"

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