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Well, I'd say, that blackening a whole line due to one hybrid would be like blackening luxilon because you did not like timo, etc. If the hybrid did not work in that frame, at that tension, that's all that should be said and let it lie at that. The initial rating was 8.75/10 then you came back and derated to 5.75/10. The real reason I think it's just due to the dislike of their marketing campaign, and the mini jet method, etc. String is such a picky thing, so to each his own. The search continues for a poly that holds tension like gut and plays like alu/etc. I can't get any of it to last for more than 1hr. In that regard Ltec and ytex are not much better, a little. Doesn't matter what I do, or what I try. My quest goes onwards.
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