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Originally Posted by PED View Post
^^^Well done and well deserved. They shut down Napoli holy trinity of strikers today. Cavani and Lavazzi were non factors.

Di Matteo has to feel good.

I don't really feel sorry for AVB, part of management is motivating people and he apparently did a poor job of that. 34 is awfully young to have a job of that stature and he'll be back wiser and better.
Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Very happy for chelsea, good game, reminded me of the nerves I feel in a liverpool match. Good to see an english club still flying the flag.
Thanks It was good to see them put in a performance to be proud of, it's been a while.

It was the heart that got them through in the end I think, a traditional English style performance that restored a bit of pride for the Premier League.
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