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Originally Posted by TenFanLA View Post
Sharapova - In the whole match I don't think she missed 1 BH. Her BH is a flat, powerful weapon.

Ivanovic - BOOMING FH. She doesn't look like a tennis player. She looks like a supermodel showing off her Adidas clothes on the court runway.
Was it purely by chance that you happened to watching the two most attractive players on the tour?

Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
The initial rating was 8.75/10 then you came back and derated to 5.75/10.
If a string costs me $20, is promised by the manufacturer to be so good that every other string manufacturer should shut down their factories, and go into liquidation, is supposed to last 30 hours, no wait 40 hours, no wait, 50 hours, but then it turns out to be "just another poly", I think I would give it 5.75/10 as well.

Actually, I'd probably give it less, more like -3/10 because it isn't remotely close to living up to the manufacturer's claims. In fact, it it would be a false statement of fact that has induced me into buying the string which, dare I say, would potentially actionable in court.

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