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Considering the impact takes place in 4/1000th/sec, or about 80 times for each eye blink (1/3/sec), it sure does feel different from string to string. I don't like lying scum bag ads either, but if it works for some, it's not just suggestion.
"Listen to the sound of my boring voice. As you hear my key board strokes in your mind, tap, tap, tap, tap, boringly tap, your eyes are becoming very tired and heavy, and you begin to feel that everything I tap is right and good for you and your game.... Tap.. Tap...Tap...Good and right for your game.. Tap, tap, tap. Kiteboard is good and right for your game."

Ltec had a coupon code that I took advantage of, LTEC-50, that gave 50% off, and that's what I got it at. When companies launch, they will often have that kind of ad campaign, for those in the know.

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