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I feel gutted and grilled after this result

decent crowd about 220 in doubles.


SC played poorly in doubles. #1 and #2 doubles were easily won. #3 went to SC easily.

singles: (in order of how they finished)

6: Kyle Koch def Zac Rigsby 6-2 6-2
This is a sad result. Rigsby was a better junior player and a far bigger deal but now is getting blasted by Kock who was a decent player but not great from Irmo. Koch did play well in this match. One way traffic the whole time.

3: Andrew Adams def Ayrton Wibowo 6-4 6-0
I was actually looking forward to this match the most out of the 6 singles matches. Wibowo led 2-1 and had break points but Adams then reeled off 4 straight games. Wibowo then grabbed some momentum to make it 5-4, but then gave away a game to lose the first set. After that he sunk without trace. He was confused. He is a net player but hesitated going to net each time. Adams ate it up. Adams is too strong off the ground for a player to hesitate going to net and get away with it.

4: 117 Thiago Pinheiro def Hunter Harrington 6-4 7-6(4)
This was a toe-to-toe battle. Pinheiro is a strong player for a Freshman. He will be string at 5 all season. Big strong lefty who fights hard. Harrington fought as well. Both players held serve easily all match. Pinheiro was more clutch in the intense moments. The 2nd set tiebreak was testy. The Gamecock players watching were pretty routy and things got personal on court 5. Harrington played well but Pinheiro was the more solid player, Harrington took more risks but was not able to convert on many of them. Pinheiro worked Harrington's backhand to death.

3-1 Cocks now, the Tigers need the 3 remaining courts.

4: Dom Maden def Chip Cox 3-6 6-3 6-2
This was the surprise of the day. Not the result but how it happened. I had waffled back and forth over who would win this match. I knew Cox's game would bother Maden and appeared that it was even worse than I feared when Cox led 6-3 3-0. I even turned to someone and said "Dom's done". His body language was terrible and Cox looked set to bagel him. Then out of nothing Dom won 2 games. Then 4, then 6 and then 8 in a row. He would win 12 of 14 to end the match. I didnt watch a lot of this match. It was hard to tell exactly what was going on that changed the momentum so much. It just appeared that Maden was getting more a hold of his forehand during his run. He was cracking it, while early he was looping it. Cox lost his intensity as well. This is what kept the Tigers alive.

1: 49 Yannick Maden def Nick Jones 6-4 4-6 6-4
Jones played very well. He has really improved from last year when he played #4 and had a poor record. Jones was getting ahold of Madens short balls and bossed the court a lot of the time. But he was also erratic. He either made his ambitious shot or missed it. Maden was more solid. This 3rd set was going on simueltaneously with court 2. Great atmosphere with the fans getting into every point. Jones served huges in the 3rd and led 4-3. But Maden dug in and forced Jones to hit too many errors. This but momentum fully on Clemson's side.

2: 104 Ivan Machado def Gerardo Meza 5-7 7-6(0) 7-6(2)
This match was the definition of a hard fought college tennis match. Mahcado led 5-2 in the first but Meza dug in just like he did vs Spir of GT and took the set. Machado didnt let it phase him and kept plugging away. This wa san interesting clash of styles. Meza preferred to play baseline rallies where he ran his ooponent side to side with his flat shots. Machado preferred to play crafty points around the net. He almost always hit a backhand slice. In the 2nd set Meza served for the match at 6-5 but got broken and then played a terrible tiebreak to hand Machado the set. The 3rd set was side by side with court 1's 3rd set. This match got really heated. Machado tried to pull several fast ones. Wanting to call a let after getting bested on an overhead because "people were talking behind him". The assisstant coach for SC stalled for time several times in crucial moments. They were the head game kings. The end of the 3rd set was almost a carbon copy of the 2nd set. Meza served for it at 6-5, got broken at 15-40 then played a poor tiebreak. Machado took it more than Meza gave it though. At 1-2 in the tiebreak Machado double faulted but the ump overruled Meza's call and gave the point to Machado making it 3-1 rather than 2-2. It was a terrible call. The Gamecocks stormed the court and mobbed Machado when he won. Big clinch for the senior and a crushing loss for Meza.

This would have been a massive win.
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