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I saw a few SMOKING girls on the practice courts whom I did not recognize. One was an extremely tall, blond girl with legs that went on forever using a Wilson BLX racket. She looked like a 6'2" version of Ashley Harkleroad. I also watched Cibulkova practice like a maniac. Let me tell you something. If she were your GF, you ain't gonna have any leg energy left for your matches. Your opponents will have a lot of walkovers.

Finally I saw Tony Roche coaching a young guy I didn't recognize. They were both hitting with YT Radicals. MY GOODNESS! This young stud was ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING the ball at Roche and he just blocked it back like it was a 3.0 puff ball. This 66 yo man is UNBELIEVABLY impressive. The crowd was gasping at the way he was moving the young guy all over the court with his volleys.
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