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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
He was running round hunting everything down, which he has done all season. He never looked liked scoring and didn't do much else besides that, which is the same as always. It was the type of selfless performance we needed on the night, but he can't be relied upon to get goals anymore.
Well, I said I rated Terry and even Torres's contributions last night, but not having seen a lot of Chelsea this season it was interesting to check out a few others...

Drogba is frustrating as at times he clearly shows his age now and can look awful, yet as he demonstrated perfectly with his goal and in how he set up the last goal, he still has some real game-changing class... Ivanovic can look like a thuggish lump - but he can also add some drive and steel - I like his energy - and he took his goal very nicely... Ramirez, a player who has impressed me a lot previously, seemed quietish... Mata - he's just a player I really like with enormous quality IMO... and as for 'Side-show Bob' , he always looks like there's a big accident waiting to happen with him, but, yes, i do like his style generally.

Any thoughts or secret knowledge on who will be managing the blues next season, Fena?
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