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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Terry has been outstanding all year. Villas-Boas liked the high line, he liked to be open and attack, and Terry was playing alongside Luiz, who has been all over the place all season. That made Chelsea concede goals easier than they used to, but for some reason people have been looking at Terry and saying he hasn't been playing well. Individually he's been as good as ever.

Luiz was actually really good last night, best defensive game for Chelsea i've seen from him. Ivanovic is just always there, whatever you need from him. He plays right back, centre back, he scores goals.. if every player had his outlook, we'd be in a much better position than we are now.

Mata was actually pretty poor yesterday, I like him alot, but I don't think he's been as great as people like to make out. I think that has alot to do with him being the only creative player in an older team, who don't have genuine wide players to spread the opposition, and also being stuck out wide alot.

As for the new manager, who knows! It won't be Guardiola, which is good. The only one it can be is Mourinho, if it's not him then who else is there? Moyes? Capello? Benitez? Maybe they might stick with Di Matteo if he does well, that could be a mistake with this being the time to rebuild the squad, is he really the right manager to do it over the next 3-4 years? I'm not so sure.
Haha, I know what you mean. If not Jose I can't see any of those you mentioned and the other 'usual suspects' too. Saying that, how about Deschamps?... actually, I know, how about Juande Ramos (whatever happened to him)?!
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