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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
It's sad that on this forum, things have come to a point where a player can't even say they aren't feeling good. Lots of posters (not you) think they are a better authority on a player's health than the player themself and unless there is a doctor's certificate, people will claim any talk of injury or sickness is an excuse. I for one am perfectly fine with taking what the player says at face value. If Fed says he's sick or Rafa says his knees hurt or Nole says he had breathing issues, I am not going to question it because in the grand scheme of things, health and fitness are part and parcel of the game .Even if the player is lying, he/she will be judged purely on accomplishments. No one is going to hand out extra slams to a player, because they COULD have won if they had been 100%.
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