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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
ok sorry, not saying you are making excuses but lots of people are saying he's ill, but if it's a food bug,he'll probably be ok by the semis. Maybe not, but he's playing ok at the minute, not great but he's played worse when healthy. So yeah the illness doesn't help,but he'sprobably losing to Rafa whatever his health.
Fed has now said in two separate pressers that he does NOT have the IW tummy bug; his and his family's symptoms are completely different.

He mentioned head cold; fever; headache, body aches, sounds like a normal flu and he says he's nearly recovered and hoping to be 100% by the Delpo match.

As everyone knows flu can affect energy levels for some time so surely won't help against the top players but obviously Delpo and especially Nadal are good enough to beat him in any health; I don't think there's any controversy on that point (esp. Rafa).
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