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I will try and find it, but in the mean time, please stop telling people not to post when you're uncertain of a fact.
if you post specs than YOU have to post your source. its that simple. whats the sense of posting specs when you then tell people to look up a "fact" then you could also just shut up and everyone can simply search for his own

Here you go, hotdog.....

post #124 on that page by UK Skippy. Davydenko's frame specs come in at 299 grams, add 15 grams for string and i must apologize, it's 314 grams.

Just noticed that you posted #126.....memory is the 1st thing to go
thats just a sticker with his specs i still dont know if that are his real measured specs. n just btw it could be 319g if in the pictures his overgrip is missing.
edit: davydenko changed his racquet, too! he plays with prince now. so there are enough aspects to doubt these specs.

Ben123, stop smoking that green son.
why are you people so easily offended. the only thing i said is give sources or stop spamming. nobody needs random specs

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