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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly
Very unusual (tho' I'm not quite sure what you mean). Have you seen an optometrist or ophthamologist about this? Does your right eye have problems with both near & far vision? Does it act differently when you look up rather than down or straight ahead?

It could be a problem with the optic characteristics of your eye, a problem with the optic nerve (frm the eye to the brain) or even a prob in the way your brain interprets the image from your right eye (& the way it incorporates that image with the image from your left eye).

Best to get input from an eye guy.
I had a few optometrists point of view about this, it seems that my right eye react like the eye of someone who have a cross eye. The brain disconect the cross eye. I have the same thing even though my eye is well aligned. Strange.
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