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OK, I finally got to hit with the Vortex ES 108 yesterday, hit for over an hour outdoors in a mild breeze. The racket is strung with MSV Hex @ 50 lbs, string is about 2 years old. The feel of the racket is unlike any other I have ever hit with, VERY plush and soft, feels like you're hitting with a foam rubber frame, with leather strings.

This racket is not nearly so powerful as the 133, requires a full swing to drive the ball deep. If I didn't take a full swing, the ball would invariably go into the net, or land quite short. After a while, I found that this really helped my strokes, and I got more and more consistent the longer I played. There was little or no trampolining at all. Even so, i found it fairly easy to drive baseline half-volleys deep into the court. A few times I got caught hitting a FH with the wrong grip, was able to zing back a FH slice with good pace and depth. Overall, I felt very comfortable with the racket. The few serves I hit felt very natural, went in the court with little effort.

Now I am ready to have the racket restrung, am wondering what strings to use. I have a package of Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17g, and a couple sets of PowerMaxx Light Touch 16L natty gut. I am thinking of trying a hybrid setup at low tension. The previous owner of the racket recommended that I stick with the MSV Hex at 50 lbs, and I've also been reading about the WeissCannon Dual Reality hybrid setup, supposed to be very easy on the arm/shoulder.

So many options!!! Guess I will start with a hybrid setup, X-One crosses @ 50, PowerMaxx mains @ 45.
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