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This above video link features Deja Kitchiner playing a live match at age 15 in Northern California..The first point of this video is actually taken from a later point in the match..The point happens to be from the best rally of the Match..Deja is in the far court..This video pick's up with Deja down 5-3 in the first set...This video will show you the heart and fight that Deja has developed over the years as a young prodigy who has been and is still being developed in a completely unconventional way..Deja's videos have been viewed by millions world wide since she was age 10, and it customary for her father to release video footage of Deja just prior to her birthday..This video is of Deja at age 15...Deja will turn 16 in Mid March...Deja is trained solely by her father, and in fact Deja has never had the benefit of practicing with hitting partners it is customary for Deja to feel her way through a match and then warm up as this video shows that trait perfectly...For most of 2012 Deja's only hitting partner her father has had torn ligaments, and Deja's tennis results have struggled...Deja's confidence is not shaken, and she plans on turning her season around sooner rather than later...Too learn more about Deja's tennis journey, and goals visit

To see Deja at age 10 click here

To see Deja's story click here
Wasn't she the same age several years ago?
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