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Originally Posted by ben123 View Post
if you post specs than YOU have to post your source. its that simple. whats the sense of posting specs when you then tell people to look up a "fact" then you could also just shut up and everyone can simply search for his own

thats just a sticker with his specs i still dont know if that are his real measured specs. n just btw it could be 319g if in the pictures his overgrip is missing.
edit: davydenko changed his racquet, too! he plays with prince now. so there are enough aspects to doubt these specs.

why are you people so easily offended. the only thing i said is give sources or stop spamming. nobody needs random specs
You know your response above tells a great deal about you.
  1. You ask for proof
  2. You get proof...not only proof, but proof in the form of a picture taken by the very guy who strung Davydenko's frames at Roland Garros.
  3. You then try to what if the proof so as to invalidate it

Pros don't change their gear that radically. Yeah, it was a Dunlop, and Dunlop tried (and failed) to build a frame just like the Prince he was playing and winning with. Ergo, Einstein, one would conclude that the Prince was of like weight.

Now, just for the sake of argument, let's assume it was a hoax (tee hee). Someone would not only have produce the labels, no big deal, but they would also have to somehow paint "Nikolay Davydenko" very professionally on the target frame. And......they would have to find a showroom floor full of Babolat stringing machines as there are several available AND they would have to want to go to the trouble of doing this ALL to fool you about Nikolay Davydenko's racquets. Wouldn't it be more plausible to do it for a bigger name pro?

Nobody was "spamming", it's called "responding". Just because you have some fixed idea that all pros play with a certain weight range doesn't make it a fact and certainly doesn't make the response "spam". You may want to, at some point, consider that you really don't know it all. Just a suggestion.

The fact is, professional players are just like us club players in one respect. They have different preferences. They don't all play with the same flex, weight, head size, string, balance, or tension. That is why they make more than one kind of frame and string.

I really think you should change your picture from Albert to Pee Wee.
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