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Originally Posted by Max G.
I prefer being zoned with other shots - when I don't seem to miss volleys, when slices go where I want them to, deep or short. Make them feel like there's nothing they can do when I'm up at net, and nothing they can do to keep me away from the net - then everything flows, and it's the best game possible.
I too prefer being zoned with other shots. Like todays match
when it felt like I had total control and maximum power on my
flat forehand shots. I actually was able to hit forehands so
hard that my _good_ opponent wasn't able to return them or
in some cases even reach them. Superhard running forehands from
behind the baseline, crosscourt - and head-high forehands while
attacking the net just to put the ball away with maximum power

I sort of felt like I was "Pim-Pim". (Well, not quite - my shots are
nowhere nere as hard as his are . The adrenaline rush one
gets from those shots are really awesome.

Now, I lost the match 5-7, 4-6 in the end but this was a
big step forward for me since the last match I played against
him I lost something like 2-6, 0-6... Had my serves worked
better I probably would have won that match.

Then we played a doubles match and I played like crap (my
energy all spent on that singles match - and it probably didn't
help that I have a cold coming up [like it has been all winter -
the negative side of having preschool kids] .
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