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Default Eye Dominance!!

Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly
a freak? Just kidding, of course. Eye dominance is only one of many factors when it comes to hitting better on 1 side than the other. The notion of eye dominance merely says that you will very likely be able to judge balls better on 1 side that the other. It says nothing of other factors such as footwork and stroke mechanics.
That is my whole point! As teachers we have to exaggerate great footwork and turn fundamentals to overcome the dominant eye equation. A good example of poor turn fundamentals is Roddick on his backhand side. It looks like he is turning his head to locate the ball which causes his shoulders to be too open which means he has to manipulate the racket and flip his hands. Most players will be open stance but with the open stance the shoulder turn then becomes the key engredient to a clean hit (flat or top).
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