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Originally Posted by PSNELKE View Post
Deja Kitchner will win the Golden Slam in 2016, winninng the AO, RG, SW19, Olympics, USO and the YEC at the age of 15 years.

You heard it her first.

Seriously, her father has like a gazillion fake profiles on every single tennis board on the internet.
Get your head out of your ***** and find her a coach since you dont seem to have a clue about tennis.
Really sad story.
I predict that she'll win all slams from 2015-2020 while also winning 100% of her matches. She'll then retire, 15 years old. Later at her 15th birthday she will be inducted in the HoF.

How long did Jesus wait to be resurrected? 15 years.
Uninstintively instinctive.
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