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This racquet continues to deliver for me. The feel is what sold me more than anything, since I know what the pure drive is all makes baseline tennis a freaking blast.

I tried prince premier attack, but I would not recommend it for this racquet. Rip control 16 is the best setup I have used. It gets plenty of spin, and the racquet feels comfortable with it. The control with this setup gives you massive power and spin but you will be able to control the ball as well as a players stick can..I know this since I came from a 6.1 .

I would not recommend full poly unless your arm can take it, but rpm blast played fantastic in the magic, tornado, tour bite would be my full poly suggestions.

The plus length is the way to go for me..demo it..give it time..see if you can adjust to will have so much leverage on serve and will pick up a lot more balls that normally you would miss...there is a reason so man pros use plus length sticks..I think it gives you an advantage if you have active feet and are moving and spacing properly.
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