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Default Boris Becker Bomber 16/ Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18

Again, trying to save some $ so I'm stringing to find a suitable "hitting" combo that I don't mind burning through

String: Boris Becker Bomber 16/ OGSM 18
Frame(s): YT Radical Pro
Tension: 48/50

After burning through 4 reels, 16-18g, I'm convinced that OGSM is my favorite string to work with. It's truly a pleasure and at 30.00 a reel, you can't beat it. Bomber's nice and smooth so there were no problems around.

I have high expectations for this combination. I noticed with my playtest of the full bed of Bomber that the string isn't particularly elastic. It's not a stiff poly but I'd say that it's rather crisp. It's tough to describe but the string bed feels much tighter than what it's actually strung at and so far the trend holds taking it off the machine. I'm hoping that crossing it with OGSM is going to A: allow for some nice sliding and snap back of the mains. and B: soften up the string bed a touch. Assuming that spin is positive and that this hybrid lasts ~5 or more hours I'm happy. Heck, at the price per frame of this combination (and as long as the string doesn't physically hurt my wrist or arm) I'll be thrilled with even average results.

Finally! A budget combination that plays surprisingly well. Crossing OGSM was a great idea; it not only lends a bit more elasticity to the string bed but it also supplies a nice bit of power. Spin is about average but power is in abundance. I would even describe it as a touch launchy. Comfort is key here and the string responds very nicely from all parts of the court. I would even venture to say that tension could bump up a lb.

Very nice, clean power here. Decent spin too. Catching the ball lower in the stringbed absolutely rips the ball. Again, the string combination can be a touch launchy if you don't control serves with spin.

Clean volleys with enough dwell time to give you good ball response. Half volleys were great with this setup. The springiness of the string simply pops the ball up and over the net. The biggest flaw here is access to touch. The string bed is plain powerful and it's tough to get the balls to stick short.

Tension maintenance:
A bit loose. I would suggest stringing a touch tighter since the string bed does have a slight break in. Towards the 3 hour mark, things started to get rather shifty. I think that a slight increase in tension would help here.

For the price, I couldn't care less if the string breaks in under 3 hours (which, I don't think it will). Played about 2 hours of easy hitting and doubles and the string is only starting to notch. I think I put in an assorted
4-5 hours on this string and I have to say I was pretty content. there was definitely life left on the bed before popping. Ultimately though, I cut it out because it was getting rather shifty and because I wanted to try out some new stuff.

Groundstrokes: 4/5
Serves: 4/5
Volleys: 4/5
Spin: 3.5/5
Power: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Tension: 3.5/5
Durability: 4.5/5


Overall, I'm pretty happy with this combination. It's comfortable and it plays above average. It's a great and economic hitting setup. By the same margin, there are plenty of strings that more readily enhance my game but none at this price. Even though I cut out this current set, I'll definitely be coming back to this at a slightly higher tension once the nice weather kicks in and I'll be training outdoors.

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