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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
Vortex actually makes a great multi in 15 gauge that I liked very much.
I think I'll try a hybrid setup with the strings that I already have in my possession, see how I like them. Chances are that they won't last as long because of the thinner gauge. If so, I can try the Vortex hybrid string next.

BTW, I hit again yesterday, in a stronger breeze. After a very short time, I switched from the ES 108 to the 133. Wow, the 133 is the BOMB in the wind! It is so powerful that hitting into the wind it is EZ to drive the ball deep, just have to hit it high, with some top. Every shot I hit into the wind landed at least halfway between the service line and the baseline, and many were right on the baseline. I could whack BH slices as hard as possible, and they would flare out and settle right on the baseline, and then just DIE. Hitting with the wind was equally effective, 'cause I could easily slice the ball off both sides, keep the ball low.
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