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Default Micronite = MONEY!

OK, here is my review in the TW format of the Signum Pro Micronite 16. After I wrote this review, I tried out Discho Microfibre 16. Since I cannot tell a difference between the 2 strings, I'm combining the reviews for these 2 strings.

Strung up Signum Pro Micronite 16 awhile back. Stringing is very easy.

Tension it is strung: 60 pounds on a lockout machine full bed
Your regular string set up: Weiss Cannon Black 5 Edge 17 Mains(52#)/Genesis Thunder Blast 16 Crosses(56#)
Racket: Pro Kennex 7G (this is different than the others tested in the Babolat PST+)
String pattern of your racquet: 16 x 20
Power (or lack there of): Medium powered multi
Feel: Good
Tension maintenance: It drops a fair amount of tension usually up to 18% but it does not seem to affect how it plays.
Price: $12.50/set, $139.90/reel. Decent reel price.
Overall comments and feedback: See below

General: My first outing with this was lackluster. Conditions were heavy and did the string no justice. I did win that match 3 and 2, so it was not like I thought it was bad. After that, I played some incredible matches. The last 2 times out I felt like I was in the zone. Can't remember that ever happening 2 outings in a row for me. Results don't lie.

Serve/Return of Serve: First serve has some decent pop when my shoulder permitted. Kick serves were really jumping off the court when my shoulder permitted. Returns were mostly good, I had 1 match where I was missing a few too many.

Strokes: Good spin on both wings. Depth control is the best of any multi I've used to date. My forehand just became a monster with this string. There is nothing better than taking full cuts at a ball and hardly missing. Was also hitting great on the backhand wing on both topspin and slices. This string is better on defense than PPA I think.

Volleys: Another string that is very solid feeling at net. Was also good on drop volleys.

Touch shots: Good but not the best at first. They seemed to get better the longer I played with this setup and by the end I'd call touch shots great, but not excellent.

Softness: The string feels quite soft. Probably a top 10 multi for arm comfort. Considering this string is a true multi with no solid core, this is what I would expect.

Tension: Perfect for my game.

Durability: The strings are starting to get hairy, like Babolat Xcel. So far I have 12 sets of singles and 3 sets of doubles on it. This is misleading though because I'm playing so well with this setup, I've had many short sets. Will update this after breakage because this one isn't getting cut out anytime soon! Final tally was 14 sets of singles and 6 sets of doubles before I cut it out. WOW! See the pic below for what it looked like right before it got the scissors.

Movement: String movement was very little especially for a multi. KCraig would approve.

Conclusion: This string is so close to Xcel and PPA for one of the best multis. If I had to pick a winner between the three, court results matter most so it would be Micronite. Still think PPA is the best value multi there, but Micronite may be the best premium ($10 or more) multi I've tested to date. For my game, this string performs like X1 but over the entire life of the string.

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