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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
Can't you buy another one?
Yes, I could buy another one. But one can only have so many rackets, and do any of them justice. I am encouraged enough by my experience with the Vortex rackets to want to complete my exploration of their capabilities.

The one drawback I see with the PowerAngle Grand racket is that it is several points head heavy, and I like the neutral balance of the Vortex. Also, there is some sort of vibration in the racket, not sure if it can be tamed with the right stringing setup. Several playtest feedbacks have mentioned this vibration. The demo racket I tried from TW was strung with Wilson NXT, and I didn't care for the feel. The one I bought at auction was strung with a poly @ 60 lbs. It played OK, but I was worried about the impact on my shoulder. So far, the Vortex rackets have not seemed to irritate my shoulder.
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