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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
Order will be restored next time they play, calm down guys. If I didn't see the match, id think Rafa played well with the way u guys are acting. The guy had 1 forehand winner in an hour of tennis and was pushing.
No one said Federer was going to win every match from now on or that this changed something, but Federer could have well let nadal back in the match and lost. Federer played better than he often has against Nadal, right from the first game.

Whatever happens, it's just nice to see him have a positive attiude. Like many of you nadal fans were over the moon nadal tried in the AO final, I just hope to see Federer try to play a good match even if he loses. He will probably lose the next one but I hope he at least learns what can work for him.

Of course though whenever fed plays bad it's cos Nadal is making him, but with Nadal if he ever plays bad let's just use it as an excuse to take away the win from his opponent. Probably hasn't ever lost a match when playing above dreadful.

You have become really quite miserable since Nadal suffered about the 5th Novak loss. Even Clarky had better praise for Fed's prformace. I mean we know nadal didn't play great but that doesn't mean Federer didn't have to play well to win like he did.
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