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Originally Posted by DarthFed View Post
Dont be a hypocrite, if you change Nadals name to Djokovic, and Federers to Nadal you know exactly what kind of reaction would occur on the forum. We'd have the SAME sort of topic. People get excited when their player does well...why others have to "keep it real" and kill their parade idk...i'd like to think everyone is over 5.
I think he has a point, though. Federer didn't do anything new here. He did what he always does when he beats Nadal. He served well, returned well, and stayed confident throughout the match. I'm ecstatic that Federer won, but this isn't a turning point (as some have suggested) and the tactics he used are the same ones he uses against Nadal, win or lose - he just executed those tactics better here than in other matches.
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