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Originally Posted by DarthFed View Post
Well yea, i feel the same, but if im in his position im not gonna go around saying "natural order will be restored" there's no need for that. It comes off as petty imo. Its so difficult to actually discuss tennis around here because everything devolves into mudslinging,fingerpointing and trolling the other "camp".People on here have mentioned being married and having kids but all i see are grown men going "haw haw" to one another. Sadly i hear other sporting communities are worse.
Well, I apologize for the order will be restored thing honestly. What I was trying to emphasize is that Federer didn't do anything new in the match. He just played really well. Nadal clearly didn't. Did Federer have something to do with that? Of course, but no matter how well someone is playing, you never see Nadal finish a set with one winner. He didn't look anything like Nadal until the last 10 minutes of the match.
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